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“This Moment” is a feature category on our blog that requires very little words, if any at all.  They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, and often it’s really true.  We want to share these special, extraordinary moments with you, as they bring us pause and remind us of the important things in life.  If you feel so inclined, please share your special moment with us and all the world to see, by adding a link in our comment section below.

Cowboy Ole | This Moment
Cowboy Ole | This Moment
Cowboy Ole | This moment
Cowboy Ole | This Moment

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4 comments on “~{ This Moment :: Tova }~
  1. Sandy says:

    She’s darling! I love the randomness of her outfit! The beanie, the ruffles, the barefeet… reminds me of a 3 year old I know ;) I also love that there is a baby walker just chillin on the dirt. lol

    • Angela says:

      Thanks Sandy ;-) You need to come visit this summer! They would have a blast together, and so would we!

  2. be still my heart! there is HOPE in this world after all!

  3. cameo says:

    She is so weird haha

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Cowboy Ole

Cowboy Ole

Cowboy Ole is a professional horse trainer and storyteller, rancher, and homesteader, among other things. He lives in the Southern Utah mountains and is available for guiding, outfitting, pack trips, trail rides, and live story telling events.

He's got a spotless safety record and he's just a cool guy to be around. To book Cowboy Ole for any of the above, please go to our 'Booking' page to inquire.


I'm really strong. I have two muscles. Two tiny muscles.
-Tova Lindgren, age 4